Find out how a global investment strategy can help you achieve your financial goals.

Naples Global Advisors is an SEC Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) headquartered in Naples, Florida with an affiliate office in Vero Beach, Florida. We are an employee-owned LLC, serving a select group of individuals, families, trusts, retirement plans, charitable foundations, and endowments.

Talk to the Professionals at Naples Global Advisors

What to Expect from NGA

We want to understand you—your unique situation—so that we can establish your financial goals and objectives. During your initial meeting, we will work to understand your background, risk tolerance, overall financial outlook, and what you are trying to achieve.
If you currently have an investment portfolio, we will provide an in-depth, objective analysis of your existing asset allocation, holdings, and fees. We want to ensure that you are not taking more risk than necessary nor being struck with hidden fees.
Individuals often tend to bucket their finances—retirement money vs spending money, bank accounts vs investment accounts, insurance vs annuities. At Naples Global Advisors, we will advise you and manage your money with a deep understanding of your complete financial picture in order to best serve you and achieve your overall goals.
No two individuals are the same. That is why your investment portfolio will not be the same as any other client.  After we have an understanding of your current financial situation, we will tailor an investment portfolio to match your particular goals and objectives.
We will never try to sell you an investment product; we are a service-only wealth management firm. If you already own structured products, annuities, or life insurance, we will gladly provide you with an objective analysis, but our firm does not and will not sell products to you.
Once your investment portfolio is built, we will initiate an active, ongoing management plan with an acute regard for overall asset allocation as well as tax sensitivity. Each purchase or sale in your account will be done with and for a particular purpose.
It is likely there will be company names in your investment portfolio that you do not recognize because we intentionally remove geographical boundaries from our investment options. We research all companies in our Naples office—no black box management here—and even travel across the globe to find and verify companies in which to invest.
You can expect a customized report detailing your investments during the first week of each quarter along with a personalized note and Market Insight or Travel Insight written by our team. Each report will be transparent and concise.
We may call you to discuss new legislation that affects you or to simply to say hello. We also hope to have recurring meetings with you so that we can stay up to date on major life changes and walk alongside you each step of the way.

The Road Trip to Success—How to Prepare for a Meeting with Naples Global Advisors

  • Establish your Destination: Before meeting with the Naples Global Advisors team, take some time to contemplate where you currently stand financially. Where would you like to be?  Acknowledging your current situation and establishing your future objectives is vital for success.  If upon reflection, you still feel lost, we will gladly help you establish goals suited for your unique situation.
  • Pack your Supplies: It would not be a road trip without prior planning and packing. Please bring any financial documents that might help us better understand your situation: budgets, bank statements, brokerage statements, trust documents, estate planning documents, etc.
  • Verify your Route: After establishing your destination, verify your means of getting there are achievable so that you are not setting yourself up for failure. Are your assumptions comfortable?  Cutting your spending in half may not be doable.  Are your expectations realistic?  Banking on a 10% annual market return year in and year out is not reasonable.
  • Follow your Map: Once we have discussed your financial plan, stick to it! Would you cancel your road trip if you hit a bump along the road?  Hopefully not, and the same theory should apply for your financial voyage.  If the short-term outlook of the market is looking rocky, remember that maintaining a long-term outlook is key to long-term success.
  • Enjoy your Journey: Establishing and achieving financial goals should be a rewarding process, and we truly hope you enjoy it. We are excited for the opportunity to meet you, work with you, and put the odds of investment success in your favor!