About Naples Global Advisors

Founded in 2011, Naples Global Advisors is an SEC Registered Investment Advisor serving individuals, families, trusts, retirement plans, and charitable foundations and endowments. As an employee-owned LLC, we operate as a fiduciary and manage our clients’ portfolios with complete accountability. Whether you have an established portfolio or are investing as a result of a life event, our team is consistently seeking ways to put the odds of investment success in our clients’ favor.

3 Key Tenets that make NGA a trusted financial advisor

Each of the professionals at Naples Global Advisors operates on three main principles to achieve the best outcomes for our clients.

1. Understand

Understand each client’s financial goals and capacity for risk. We tailor our portfolio construction and management within these parameters to achieve our client’s desired outcome without sacrificing comfort. Time horizon, cash flow needs, and tax circumstances are evaluated and factored into the asset allocation decisions.

2. Build

Build a customized and logically diversified portfolio specific to each client’s objectives and desired level of risk. Each publicly traded security will be vetted and strategically assembled in the portfolio using a fundamental valuation discipline.

3. Administer

Administer portfolios focused toward long-term absolute returns and principal stability, with an on-going awareness of and sensitivity to the changing dynamics of global economies, capital markets, tax efficiency, and personal circumstances.

Our Investment Philosophy

“Our investment philosophy is at the core of our firm. We’re value investors operating with a global opportunity set, using the tools at our disposal to put the odds of investment success in our clients’ favor.”

Our Service Philosophy

Quality Over Quantity

It is a simple philosophy but not one that is practiced by many in the wealth management industry. At Naples Global Advisors, it is the core of our service standards. Our team is dedicated and focused on quality relationships, rather than quantity. Each professional of the firm is responsible for no more than 50 client relationships. How else could we:

  • Provide advice based on truly knowing our clients and understanding their aspirations as well as their concerns.
  • Regularly and consistently communicate and report to clients – an NGA hallmark
  • Answer the telephones ourselves (no 1-800 number call centers). You’ll never get a recording during business hours.
  • Follow the “sundown rule” – meaning that we will respond to a client request before the end of the day or explain a reasonable timeframe in which a resolution can be expected.

Independence And Transparency

  • Funds invested by Naples Global Advisors’ clients are held by an independent, unaffiliated third-party custodian.
  • Naples Global Advisors has no products to sell (such as high-cost insurance products, annuities, alternative investments and funds) and we are beholden to no one other than our clients
  • We conduct our own independent research and resist the many potential conflicts prevalent in the investment industry.
  • We are a fee-only advisor with the value of our client’s portfolios as the sole and explicit source of firm investment management fees.

If your objective is to maintain your wealth and legacy, grow your nest egg, or fund your ideal retirement, Naples Global Advisors can help you get there through customized, strategically diversified portfolios that match your goals and your risk tolerance comfortability.

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