Do you feel you need a more intimate, hands-on approach to wealth management? Are you looking for a team of advisors that does more than just manage investments?
Investment Management that is purpose-built, just for you.

Few things are more personal than the wealth that may have taken a lifetime to build. Wouldn’t it make sense that the people managing that wealth actually know who you are?

A cornerstone of a prudent and achievable financial strategy is an investment portfolio built with your specific needs, goals, risk tolerances, and tax considerations in mind. At Naples Global Advisors our portfolio managers are the ones building out your portfolio with a selection of individual stocks, bonds, and other publicly traded securities based entirely on you and your situation. You will sit with them in meetings and will receive their direct contact information.

Each portfolio is built and maintained based on ongoing communication of your financial circumstances and life events. We don’t just invest your assets in model portfolios that “should be a pretty good fit”. And if things change, we can adjust your portfolio to reflect those changes on your schedule and in a tax-efficient manner.

Our Investment Philosophy is clear and defined, and each portfolio is managed with an adherence to the strict criteria we hold for equity selection. No two portfolios are exactly alike because no two clients are exactly alike.

If you are looking for a customized, independently vetted portfolio of individual stocks and bonds, developed specifically for you and in concert with your financial objectives, please contact us now (link to form). You are never more than a phone call away from the team managing your investments.

Ensure that the risks outside of your investment portfolio are properly addressed.

Though we do not sell insurance products, the team at Naples Global Advisors offers depth and experience in analyzing and recommending appropriate insurance solutions. If you are tired of being sold on insurance products, consider an independent review of your protection plan by our team of advisors. The NGA team can help you analyze policy benefits and coverage options to make sure your family’s future will be stable and secure.

Whether you are establishing a legacy, transitioning wealth, or investing for a special purpose, we are an experienced, objective advocate for your wishes and requirements.

To date, we’ve never had a client approach us and ask: “how can we make my finances more complicated?” In that spirit, we strive to make even the most complex trust and estate landscapes more understandable.

The implications of even the simplest estate planning tasks are vast. Do you have a will in place? Have you made financial and medical power of attorney designations? Is your financial estate of a size where trusts should be employed?

Whether deciphering a current trust or estate plan, or helping you design and deploy one for the future, we can help you translate your ideas and wishes to an actionable structure. Wouldn’t it be nice to ask questions and brainstorm without being charged an hourly rate?

Proper legacy planning should never be a “set it and forget it” endeavor, but a lifetime undertaking considering changes to tax policy, opportunity, and personal desires or circumstances. Estate planning and legacy planning defines a concrete wealth and asset allocation plan even after you have passed on.

The Naples Global Advisors team has deep roots and decades of experience in trust administration, charitable gifting, foundations, and complex estate planning and management. We focus on multi-generational legacy planning shaped in conjunction with custom investment management. Our experienced team will guide you in developing a plan detailing the exact arrangements you would like carried out for your wealth and assets.

We have the simple answer for a financially sustainable and stress-free retirement.

It has been said that the simplest answer is usually the correct one, and the same can be said for most of what goes into the financial side of an enjoyable retirement. Even the fanciest “financial plans” in the world will not have the impact on your retirement as two simple details: cash flow and a budget. Unfortunately, complexity is often presented as the sophistication needed to retire comfortably, a premise usually presented by peddlers of products that have been brilliantly developed to “guarantee” that comfort. However, if you would prefer something more simple, transparent, and liquid, we should meet!

As you approach retirement, or if you are already enjoying the fruits of a lifetime of hard work, a few key details should be regularly reviewed and updated. Have you recently (or ever) compiled a budget? Do you have a reasonable handle on your range of spending throughout a year? Is the difference between your income and expenses sustainable?

Proper cash flow planning and the investment management of your retirement assets are inexorably linked. Moreover, matching your investment objective, asset allocation, and expected return with your phase of life and income needs is paramount. Whether planning for your business or personal future, we will design a budget and forecast to allow for continuous growth of your business and your nest egg.

Whether you’ve saved in retirement plans during your career, or you’re looking to offer plans through your business, we can help you make sense of the retirement plan landscape and plan your next step.

Retirement plans are a powerful tool from two main perspectives. As a saver, retirement plans allow for building a retirement nest egg using tax deferral and other advantages to help grow those funds during the saving stage of your financial life. Alternatively, as a provider or business owner retirement plans can go a long way towards providing compelling compensation packages to employees, along with providing you valuable tools for your own saving and business tax efficiency.

There are a myriad of retirement plans available and selecting the appropriate vehicle for your business or personal savings plan can be complicated. Identifying the proper channel for your retirement savings need not be a struggle with proper guidance. There are an array of considerations when choosing a retirement plan such as the structure of the business you own, if you have multiple businesses, how many people you employee, or if you are employed by a business with an available plan. Whether you are considering a workplace plan for your business or seeking advice on personal retirement arrangements, we can help you vet the options and comprehend them clearly. Not only will we assist you in finding the best alternative, we will work with you to make sure the investments within the plan are deployed in coordination with your overall financial goals.

We can help you find the best ways to maximize all the resources available to you, even when those resources happen to be provided by a bank.

A powerful tool when considering leverage or other bank/financial products is unbiased feedback. While other advisors rightly claim that they can provide access to a nearly endless array of banking products, unfortunately that suite of options almost always bears the same corporate logo as the advisor and may not be the best option available. In contrast, we are thrilled to offer a second opinion that is much less “conflicted” (to put it very lightly). As a self-owned firm with no products to sell and no corporate bosses directing what business lines to push, our sole mission is helping you find what works best for you. And, given our experience in the arena and broad network of providers, we can help you find the best option and the best offer.

Whether you are seeking advice on a mortgage refinance, credit card options, a major purchase, considering options for your emergency savings, or more complicated lending arrangements for your business, we will analyze the benefits and risks of the products available to you and make recommendations that suit your needs.

The election of Social Security benefits can be challenging and daunting.  Avoid getting mired in “the when’s and the how’s” with the guidance and counsel of a knowledgeable team of advisors. 

The timing of when to begin collecting your Social Security Benefit has a lasting and impactful influence on your retirement goals.  If you are navigating the Social Security landscape and are mired in the future implications of benefit timing, it makes good sense to have an experienced team guiding the process.  As part of your overall cash flow analysis, we will map out the potential impacts of electing to initiate your benefit at different ages and help identify other potential Social Security benefit opportunities based on your specific situation.

Philosophy of Service

Do you feel you need a more intimate, hands-on approach to wealth management? Are looking for a team of advisors that does more than just manage investments?

Comprehensive Wealth Management
Naples Global Advisors provides comprehensive, holistic wealth management. In our mind, that means high quality and custom investment management that is implemented in conjunction with guidance offered on other important life and financial decisions. Have you had a recent investment portfolio review? Do you know if your portfolio’s income is meeting your spending requirements? Is the expected return or your asset mix adequate to meet future expenses? Are your wills, trusts and overall estate plan current and designed to meet your legacy objectives? Has a financial professional recently reviewed and analyzed your life insurance policies? Do you need counseling on banking solutions or Social Security benefit elections? The professionals at Naples Global Advisors have the experience and knowledge to help you answer these questions and more. If you are looking for a holistic review of your financial situation our team is well equipped to provide you with thorough analysis and actionable solutions.

Service Standards
Financial advice at Naples Global Advisors is provided by professionals who seek to truly know our clients and understand their aspirations as well as their concerns. Regular and consistent client contact, communication and reporting is an NGA hallmark. Each professional of the firm is responsible for no more than 50 client relationships to ensure an intimate, client-centered experience. We answer our telephones ourselves, and follow the “sundown rule,” generally responding to a client request before the end of the day or explaining a reasonable timeframe in which resolution can be expected

Independence and Transparency
Funds invested by Naples Global Advisors’ clients are held by an independent, unaffiliated third-party custodian. NGA has no products to sell and we are beholden to no one other than our clients. The only produce we offer is our advice, judgement, and sincere counsel. We conduct our own independent research and resist the many potential conflicts of interest prevalent in the investment industry, and we are a fee-only advisor with the value of our client’s portfolios as the sole and explicit source of firm investment management fees.

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